Hire Me! (Please!)

Hello! Here’s some creative work from Macleay College and beyond. Not sure what’s with the average quality of some of these images, but naturally since I’m doing this for potential employment down the track SOMETHING had to go wrong.
Anyway, without futher ado… here’s some stuff I’ve done:



This is essentially the first ‘designy thing’ I did for my course. I hadn’t touched Photoshop since 2009, I didn’t have internet AND I had decided that I was a strong, independent Mary Tyler Moore wannabe in the big city who could have it all – I was under some ridiculous delusion that I could juggle a social life, dates, and work crazy hours around uni too. Long story short, this was done in literally half an hour on minimal sleep so, yeah. It is what it is. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t pull something together at the eleventh hour and have it still be passable because they are WRONG.

The idea here is based on a campaign which would use the term ‘B… something’ to promote the benefits of vitamin B in Vegemite.

P.S: yes, that is me in that image. Living my absolute best life as always.


You know that feeling when you just see an image and you’re like ‘YES. This is EXACTLY  what’s in my head!’? Well this is basically what happened with this assignment. Essentially from the moment I decided on this brand, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Using NERO Sparkling Shiraz from Bent Creek, I decided to target the ‘Ladies Who Lunch’. The series is based on a playful and ‘Sex and the City’ style. It’s classy, with a wink and a hint of a cheeky personality.


Had a really fun time designing these logos for PACIFIC ARTISAN.

The logo is based on traditional dot painting art, with the corner circles representing three different aspects of the brand – the art, the sun and the woman.


This was so much fun to work on!

At this point, I started to really get my head around what I want to do with my career. New media is really exciting and has so many applications people haven’t even thought of yet, and I’d really like to see what’s possible in that field.

In this campaign, money was no object. I designed an app aimed at children and families, which worked at Westfield stores. Part of the game used a Christmas Pirate-themed UI to tie into the resort I chose to work on (Treasure Island). The map screen you see in the images above allowed players to see other players avatars, as well as locations within stores where players could collect prizes.

The prizes were QR codes or similar, which the player would scan into the app via AR and would unlock various prizes based on a series of variables. The main prize was an all-expenses paid trip to Treasure Island at Christmas time, and but other prizes were things as simple as vouchers for a variety of stores within Westfield complexes.

Also, I worked on this idea in Trimester One, and then midway through Trimester Two, Pokemon Go comes out.

Coincidence? Probably.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.51.51 pm


I’ll take any excuse to use gaming or Nintendo for an assignment, and in Trimester Four I got to use it for an entire subject! I spent a lot of time creating an Audit, Marketing Plan and Client Brief for the launch and Christmas period of the Nintendo Switch system. It was surprisingly fun to be able to use the more strategic side of my brain for once!



This project has been floating around in my head for a long time now. Using Imogen Heaps Mycelia system, Hyphae is a music app which uses hashtags, the weather, the time of day and even your mood to play the perfect soundtrack to your life. You can listen to carefully curated playlists, enjoy a ‘live’ stream which adapts to your circumstance, or engage in a mood-shifting session using music. By using the blockchain technology within the Mycelia framework, Hyphae is also able to ensure artists are paid fairly for their work.



This project was the biggest and most fun thing I did in 2017, hands down. FoodSt needed something to drum up some business, so I decided that they could use a Farmville-esque game to help! After creating an avatar, players can wander the town and meet people to cook for, as well as buy, grow and forage for food. Setting prices for your meals too low meant that you might not make enough money to stay afloat, but setting prices too high might mean that you get a bad reputation.

Thank God for The Spriters Resource, or I’d never have gotten this done!




This is my Major Project. It’s currently a work in progress, but I’m really excited about it.

I decided to do a project around queer mental health, and this is where I’ve ended up so far. Customisation and avatars play a big part in the appearance of the app, but the biggest drawcard is the dynamic gradient slider which takes up the entire screen. Each colour corresponds to a mood or a feeling, and the app uses this to decide which content to give the user. The app is made up of a wellness section to help with negative emotions, a news feed to help educate and connect to the wider queer landscape, a forum to receive advice and meet others like you, and a map which showcases queer friendly locations.



Back in the day, when I was bustling with creativity and free time, I used to make music intended for videogames. Silently cringing at a few of these older ones, but it’s nice to remind myself every now and then that I used to have a degree of talent. One day, I’ll probably end up leaving advertising and living out the rest of my days in music. One day…